“It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!” — Brian Halligan

Marketing is deep-rooted in human psychology for ages, it has the longest shelf life and it gives a direct return when a marketer uses marketing to expand his reach. That’s the reason certain TV commercials create a strong impact in the minds of people, providing an edge to the company

I am going to share some laws of marketing and certain related interesting facts and figures which would eventually make your question.

Marketing is a science that starts before creating the product and never ends i.e. it is a lifelong process. Marketing is a dynamic field where understanding the market is the goal. It involves sending the right message to the right person at the right time. In the same way, Apple in its brand campaigns sends a clear message to its audience to use iPhone to develop and elevate their class.

People in the age and day of digital marketing consider marketing as spending tons of money in running a campaign which is a myth also some people focus and emphasize too much on marketing that they don’t focus on increasing the product/service quality and let it be of inferior quality, a good product should be the topmost priority of the founder as the word of mouth is the best marketing and is fast and cheap. Product is superior to marketing anytime.

Some start-ups have the misconception that outsourcing marketing would be helpful which is again a myth, any founder should be a good marketer and to be a good marketer a founder needs to be a good conversationist as marketing is all about transferring thoughts, it helps bring everyone on the same page.

Understanding economics, both global and country economics would help you make wise decisions in marketing. People sometimes don’t even have the basic knowledge about consumption and expenditure, making them make faulty business decisions. A book that can help you understand economics in depth very simply is “Global Economics”.